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Torrent Trackside are the specialists in Operator Supplied Plant Hire. Our experienced personnel maintain and operate this range of equipment throughout the year; nobody understands it better than them.

Our operated plant hire service provides significant benefits over traditional plant hire practices and our customers see significant productivity gains and cost reductions. When you hire an Operator with a machine from Torrent not only do you get an expert in the operation of the machines you also get someone that can carry out on the job repairs should the machine fail, by combining these two benefits you will experience maximum uptime and therefore an increase in productivity.

It also negates the need to hire in contingency machines just in case of failure, another benefit of taking an Torrent supplied Operator with our machines is that you will experience zero damage costs from poor operation or misuse of the machine, both of these factors will drive the cost effectiveness of your job.


  • Safe and efficient operation.
  • Eliminate Operator negligence.
  • Eliminate unnecessary damage and loss costs.
  • Minimise breakdown response time with the combination of an Operator/Fitter.
  • Possession overrun risk minimised.

Operated Plant Offerings:

  • Single/Double/Triple Wacker Plates (Manual and Remote).
  • Pandrol Mark IV Clipping Machine.
  • Cembre PCM – 2P/FC Fastclip/ E – Clip Applicator/ Extractor.
  • Cold Expansion Equipment (CBX).
  • Geismar EGO 4 (RMMM) Personnel Carrier.
  • Geismar AP11 and AP21 Pandrol Fastclip Applicator/ Extractor.


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