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Torrent plc is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.

We are aware of the potential risks which our operations may cause to the environment. It is the Group’s policy to ensure as far as is reasonably practicable and within the scope of current best practice, that our operations are carried out in such a manner so as to minimise any adverse impact of our activities on the environment.

In order to comply with this policy, the Group Health and Safety and Environmental Policy and Procedures Manual sets out the environmental responsibilities for all levels of management in the Group.

The two main areas where the Group’s operations have an impact on the environment are emissions to air (principally CO2) from our equipment and through our energy use and the disposal of fuel and oil.

The Group has embarked on a comprehensive carbon audit identifying environmental impact mitigation opportunities.

We have used the results of the carbon audit to highlight areas where we believe we can reduce the impact on the environment of our day to day activities and promote good environmental practices. We have formulated a detailed action plan based on advice received from the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust which will be used to further develop our environmental programmes and policies in the future.

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