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Ecolite-TH2 Lighting Tower – Hydrogen powered

Item code: 06-095

The Ecolite-TH2 can be used in environmentally sensitive areas where all emissions are to be minimalised. The fuel cell produces energy by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the air to create electricity, water and minimal heat. There are no carbon or particulate emissions and as a result the process is virtually silent, which is important for work at night or in built up areas. This is the first time fuel cells have been integrated into a low energy, low voltage LED system and using only 150W of energy.

  • ZERO exhaust emissions
  • ZERO C02 emissions
  • ZERO particulate pollution
  • ZERO servicing
  • ZERO combustion
  • ZERO contamination
  • Easy to operate
  • Operational in enclosed spaces
  • Low-energy LED lighting
  • Up to 750 hours run time
  • Automated dusk to dawn switching
  • Controllable light patterns
  • Reduced environmental impact


Download Ecolite-TH2 Lighting Tower specification sheet below:

TorrentEcolite PDF



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