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Safe and secure 5,300ltr intelligent fuel bowser

Torrent Trackside’s EDB1200 is part of the next generation of intelligent fuel bowsers.

The large capacity bowser features a full height lockable cabinet with computer controlled delivery and monitoring. The bowser is ideal for busy depots and sites. Key features include:

Additional Storage

The full height cabinet can house pumps, reels, hoses, connections while also storing oil cans and other fuelling equipment.

Environmentally Friendly

The cabinet spill sup contains any spills or drips. The tank is 110% bunded to comply with PPG2 Regulations. Manufactured to BS799 part 5 for above ground oil storage.


The full height, lockable equipment and letterbox-style ports enable fuel pumping while the cabinet is locked. Top-mounted outlets prevent seepage of fuel.


Manway covers on the top of the tank allow for access to the inner tank for easy routine maintenance and inspection.


Designed with lifting eyes and forklift pockets for easy tank handling and relocation when empty.

Intelligent Delivery System

Complete breakdown of fuel use is available. Customers can track fuel use, dates and users.

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