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Stressing Kit Power Pack

Item code: 04-003

Used to power stressing equipment. The Pump is subject to a 12 monthly load test or record of thorough examination. Double packs can only operate one half set of stressing at a time. The couplings fitted are of a quick release screw fit type. This differs from the cold expansion couplers to remove any possibility of the cold expansion power pack, which is rated at a higher pressure rating (10,000psi) being used to power the stressing kit.

We also offer a complete range of stressing equipment, see table below:

Code Description Weight LUL Approved
04-023 1/2 Stressing Set 282.0kg Yes
04-003 Double Power Pack* 63.5kg
04-009 Rail Creeper Adjuster (Hydraulic) 30.0kg
04-010 Rail End Straightener (Hydraulic) 231.0kg
04-019 Under Roller (E Clip) 0.6kg
04-020 Under Roller (E Clip) 0.6kg
04-029 Side Roller G44 UIC60 (Fastclip) 1.0kg
04-030 Side Roller F41 (Fastclip) 1.0kg
04-031 Side Roller F41 (Fastclip) 1.0kg
04-040 Vortok Rollers (Fastclip) 1.0kg
04-044 Vortok Rollers (E Clip) 1.0kg
Stressing Kit Power Pack

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